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PASSER SIDC, UAB, international production and project management company, has started this year with great determination. The company is expanding its activities in the field of shipbuilding. The main activities of the company include design and manufacture of metal structures for the renewable energy, oil, and gas industry, also shipbuilding and repair. The decision to foster further development in the field of shipbuilding industry was based on the willingness of the company to grow the number of customers and partners on the largest markets.

With coming orders for ships and equipment, the company assumed that this is the right time for development and growth.  As shipbuilding operations require special facilities and territory, PASSER SIDC and a partner have decided to acquire a shipyard in the Netherlands. This step of company development was well thought out and the decision was made taking into account the growing needs of our customers.

Large Shipyard Capacity

Up to 135 meters long and 16 meters wide ships will be built in the shipyard in the Netherlands. The managers of the company are happy that the company has already signed contracts for building four new ships. Contracts have also been signed for building 10 ship hull blocks.  

The shipyard will also be able to accept orders for construction of other oversized products, as one workshop is equipped with 120 tons lifting capacity crane, the other – with 100 tons capacity crane; the crane hook height is 18 meters. It is estimated that the shipyard will be able to produce up to 5,000 tons of metal products per year.

Organisation of Works  

‘Small preparatory works are in progress currently and they must be completed by 17 February. If all goes as planned, we will commence the shipbuilding operations quite soon,’ Aivaras Kamas, CEO and strategist of the company, shared the news happily.

There will be 60-70 full-time employees working in a workshop. Also, plans are to hire a lot of workers under subcontract agreements. The staff will include both lithuanians and local employees. All the operations will be administered and managed from PASSER SIDC headquarters in Klaipėda. It has already been planned that the production and building operations will be managed by highly qualified staff, i.e., engineers, project managers and human resources coordinators.

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