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PASSER SIDC GROUP, UAB (hereinafter referred to as the Company), company code 304501595, address Minijos str. 159-122, LT-93290 Klaipeda, is your data manager and responsible for protection of your personal information disclosed by your to the Company.

We comply with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws that protect your data we collect, use and save at our Company.



We collect personal data relating to you (referred to hereinafter as “Personal Data”) in the following ways:

  • Visits to the website.
  • Inquiries sent by email or through contact form on our website. Personal Data directly collected from you includes: first and last name, email address, mobile or other phone number, and/or other personal information or contact information you provide Company with.

Information collected during visits in Company website includes:

  • Internet Protocol address (IP);
  • Information about the device;
  • Duration of your session, the query terms you enter on our sites, and any information stored in the cookies we have set up on your device (cookies policy below).



Your Personal Data will exclusively be used to the extent necessary to allow Company:

  • to respond to your direct request.
  • to manage the use of the website, including to the extent applicable, your participation to contests, sweepstakes, other promotional offers or other marketing activities; and
  • to send you mailings or other marketing information if agreed while sending enquiry.

We may combine the Personal Data you submit with other personal data obtained about you for the same purposes from other sources, such as social media platforms if we get your consent.


You have the following rights:

  • the right to be informed about your personal data processing in the Company;
  • the right to familiarise yourself with your personal data and how it is processed;
  • the right to request for correction, destruction of your personal data or suspension of the actions of your personal data processing;
  • the right to request for deletion of data (‘the right to be forgotten’);
  • the right for transfer of data;
  • the right to restrict data processing;
  • the right to disagree with processing of his Personal Data.



If any questions or would like to request for implementation of the above-mentioned, please contact us by e-mail: info@passer-sidc.com.



What are cookies?

Cookies – a small piece of data, which is stored on the user’s computer or any device by the users’s web browser. Depending on the browser, this data is stored either in small separate files, or a common file, which records the data of all browsed websites.

Cookies are used by numerous advanced websites in Lithuania and around the globe and can be stored only if your device settings allow it. There are different types of cookies, and websites would not function without them in the way you are used to them functioning.

For example, not using cookies, which confirm that you are logged in, would mean that the website would either not know that it needs to show your profile, or the website would repeatedly display “Error: You must login”, since it would not recognise that you are logged in.

In accordance with new legislation, we have prapared a detailed description of cookies used on our website, so that you could decide for yourself if they satisfy you, or if you would rather delete the present cookies, or maybe even disable cookie usage in sidc.eu.

Cookies are used to determine whether or not the users of your device have visited our website, to remember the user‘s actions taken on the website (for instance, choosing the language of the website), as well as to collect the overall statistics of how often the website is visited.

List of cookies used:


To store a simple message when a form is submitted that can be displayed on a different page.

Expired when the user’s browser is closed.

By browsing you agree to have cookies saved on your computer or other device. You can change that at any time by changing the settings on your web browser and deleting the cookies that have been saved. You can find information on how to do soon the support pages of these web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

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