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Digitalisation and automation processes are expanding rapidly in various sectors. The marine industry is no exception. You may have noticed that there is a growing body of information relating to the development of autonomous shipping. This holds great promises for the shipping industry of the future. Norway is one of the few countries consistently developing technologies in the sector of autonomous water transport. We are pleased to announce that Lithuania will also contribute to this.

TROSVIK MARITIME has signed contracts with KONGSBERG MARITIME to build two unmanned water vessels, thus ushering in a new era in shipbuilding. TROSVIK MARITIME, with subsidiaries and strategic partners, is a forward-looking technology-driven group of owners and employees. TROSVIK makes a difference in the green paradigm shift, with focus on contributing to the marine and land-based industry.

PASSER SIDC headquartered in Klaipeda will become a subcontractor of TROSVIK and will be responsible for building hulls, pipe installation and insulation work for both ships. PASSER SIDC specialises in manufacturing of cable handling equipment for renewable end-markets, offshore foundations, shipbuilding and their modernisation as well as project management. Name PASSER SIDC became well known and respected because of the continuous and successful construction of complex structures. That is why partners trust the company. This is not just an opportunity to implement one of PASSER SIDC’s strategic aims but also, together with partners, to make a step towards purposeful and sustainable growth. PASSER SIDC is part of PASSER Group in Norway.

These ships are scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2023. They are intended to be used by the Norway-based subsea service company Reach Subsea for underwater inspections and other underwater operations using an ROV (remotely operated vessel). Ships will also perform functions as mobile energy banks, data centres and remotely operated communication modules. Both ROVs and USVs (unmanned surface vessels) shall be operated from a land-based control centre.

The USV is planned to be installed and delivered at TROSVIK in Norway using KONGSBERG design and solutions.


That is a remarkable milestone toward the next generation of innovation for all partners and stakeholders involved. 

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