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About Us


Founded in 2010, PASSER SIDC (then named SIDC LT) started as a professional employee leasing agency.

To keep up with market demands, we eventually expanded the range of our activities by adding project implementation (contracting and subcontracting) to our temporary employment services.

In 2020 SIDC LT became a part of PASSER group and was renamed to PASSER SIDC.

PASSER SIDC key areas of specialization: construction, shipbuilding and modernization, manufacture of offshore metal structures, project management and more.

PASSER SIDC manufacturing sites are currently located at Klaipeda Seaport. The construction of a new manufacturing plant has begun. This new area will allow us to meet growing customers‘ needs.

Large scale projects implemented by our professionals are not limited to shipbuilding and ship repair: they also include oil and gas, wind power station, and civil engineering sectors.

SIDC LT clients include leading enterprises such as Statoil, Caverion, Swensson, Ablemans Oy and other global companies. The geography of our projects, completed or underway, include Lithuania, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, Estonia, Slovenia, France, Germany, and Brazil.

Our capacities and competences of our personnel enable us to deliver turnkey projects to our customers.

The international team of SIDC LT consists of more than 300 professionals from Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, and Romania, including project managers, engineers, electricians, insulation installers, technicians, painters/sandblasters, pipework installers, welders, shipbuilders, and high-rise workers.

We have ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 (OHSAS) management system certificates and VCA* certificates:


SIDC founded
First contracts awarded for employee leasing and main pipework
First contracts awarded for production of metal structures and subcontractor activities. NEN 4001 certification
1 million Euro annual turnover
Production established
High-rise works started
ISO 3834, ISO 1090, 9001, 14001, and 18001 certification
Start of production of metal structures in non-standard sizes, ship repairs, shipbuilding, and off-shore products. ISO 1090
4 million Euro annual turnover
SIDC LT training centre established to enable our personnel to improve their knowledge or gain required competences as needed
First turnkey contract awarded
7 million Euro annual turnover
Aukscio Specialistai UAB and Skandinavijos Projektai UAB founded
SIDC LT group company Olandijos technine konsultacija UAB gains certificate Strongest in Lithuania 2016
11 million annual turnover
Corporate branding renewal
NEN 4400 certification in Netherlands
First project in Belgium
12 million annual turnover
First ship builded by SIDC reaches the sea
17,5 million annual turnover
Annual turnover 32M
RINA certification
SIDC LT becomes a part of PASSER group.

Quality, environment protection, occupational safety and health policy

Management System Scope at PASSER SIDC UAB:

Production and installation control of metal/non-metal structures for civil engineering and industrial construction. Production and installation control of high-pressure pipework systems. Repair and installation of metal structures, employee leasing for off-shore (marine) projects.

OUR Strategic Goal: Stable Development and Environment-Friendly Production

We create conditions ensuring continuous qualitative improvement in company management focused on securing competitiveness of our products and services.

The Management of PASSER SIDC UAB hereby establishes this integrated Policy based on principles set in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 3834, EN 1090 EU and international standards.

Our Policy:

  • Increase our consumers’, employees’, shareholders’, investors’, product suppliers’ and service providers’, and the public trust in our company by being aware of and understanding their needs and tasks, systematically measuring and increasing their satisfaction level.
  • Development of an environment where each and every employee has interest in improving quality of their work and compliance with health and safety, and environmental requirements.
  • Saving natural resources, implementation of pollution prevention activities, provisions of legal acts, applicable standards, and company procedural requirements, maximization of our contribution to mitigation of global climate changes.
  • Regular performance analysis and evaluation of the existing and planned Quality and Environment Protection and Occupation Safety Management System.
  • Decision making on the basis of analysis of reliable data obtained by monitoring and measurement of specific product characteristics, processes, environment, and production environment.
  • Establishment of relations with our clients, suppliers, investors, partners, and state authorities based on mutually beneficial cooperation and our strategic priorities.
  • Giving our employees means for notifying the management about improper working conditions, accidents, or events that might have caused an accident.
  • Establishment of measurable metrics of occupational safety and health and environmental management system; measuring and collection of measurement results, supervision according to applicable regulations, and control of decision implementation in a cost-effective way to minimize the identified risks.
  • Assurance of performance of working environment, occupational safety and health management system to ensure satisfaction of employees at PASSER SIDC UAB with their work, working environment, and relations with their colleagues and make them proud to be a part of our company.

Commitment of Management in Main Process:

  1. Increase the range of our services by predicting and analysing our potential customers’ requirements and demands.
  2. Implement/use cost-effective and environment-friendly materials and technologies.
  3. Preserve financial stability of the company with the help of our personnel to increase employees interest in results of their work.


PASSER SIDC JSC CEO, Aivaras Kamas                               10/3/2016

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