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Each department and employees at PASSER SIDC perform their functions perfectly, however, when carrying such large-scale projects, we need people able to smoothly coordinate project progress, communicate with clients, and harmonise essential project details. These people are the PASSER SIDC project managers, whose daily tasks and challenges are described in this post.

Daily routines of project managers at PASSER SIDC

According to the Project Management Institute, only 58% of organisations understand the value of project management, and it is not seldom that the work of these specialists is considered useless. However, PASSER SIDC Project Management Department, that currently employs seven professionals in their field, who have successfully implemented quite a number of projects, is highly valued.

A project manager can join the work not necessarily from the very beginning of the project: such specialists have to be ready to face any challenges and adapt to any project conditions, and the flexibility of these employees is highly valued. Project managers at PASSER SIDC distinguish the following key professional and personal qualities that help to achieve a high quality performance: time planning, work organisation, team coordination, and allocation of costs, as well as other qualities.

They also distinguish the main stages of project management: 1. Preparation. 2. Organisation. 3. Implementation and problem solving. 4. Work commissioning and self-assessment. The latter stage project managers see as the most enjoyable of all.

Close cooperation with other departments – important element of work

It is said that ‘one man in the field is not a warrior’, and especially so when working on large-scale projects. At various stages of projects, their managers have to cooperate with other departments of PASSER SIDC, such as Personnel, Accounting, Supply and other. The contribution of each department to the achievement of a common goal is very important, as teamwork is essential for successful and high quality implementation of projects.

And, even though the company has clearly defined processes and the employees are familiar with the responsibilities of each department, specific issues that need to be addressed with the involvement of the company’s management sometimes still occur. In such situations, existing processes are improved and new processes are developed to ensure that the work of the Project Management Department runs as smoothly as possible.

The growing number of projects is driving the growth of both the company and the department

As the number of projects increases, a new project manager has joined the project management team at PASSER SIDC, as well as the teams themselves are expanding, and the increasing number of employees helps to ease the workload of project managers.

According to project managers of PASSER SIDC, the company promotes their development not only through a motivational system but also by assigning new projects and various responsibilities, as well as organising required trainings. In case of facing new challenges, competent colleagues always share their good practices. The employees also state that the company has clear processes in place, and daily work is not boring: a wide range of responsibilities allows to perform different functions.

And while stressful days occur in every position, project managers at PASSER SIDC believe that ‘there are no problems, only challenges’. They add that ‘one shouldn’t be afraid of challenges, and the important thing is to move forward and strive for the best result possible’.

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