The project we are most proud of – vessel which main purpose is to work with nets at the sea. You are welcome to contact us regarding vessel modifications – our team is ready to adjust the project according to your needs for the below areas of intended use. Learn more about the ship’s manufacturing process and possible modifications on this page.

Vessel Specifications

Designed for easy professional use

Foldable aluminium mast
Aluminium wheelhouse with rest zone
Anchor winch
2 x 1000 kg thrusters
Accommodation for 8 crews
Inflatable life raft
Knuckle boom crane SWL – 22 ton
5 ton capstan
Knuckle boom crane SWL – 30 ton
Removable AFT fence
70 square meter cargo deck with capacity of 90 tones
60 ton towing winch
Stage No. 1

Vessel Design

  • According to customer’s requirements
  • Drafting and coordination of ship design
  • Verification of conformity to standards
Stage No. 2

Hull & equipment installation

  • Assembly and painting of the hull
  • Installation of the main engines and propeller shafts
  • Installation of rudder-propellers, gears, navigation
  • Fitting of interior
Stage No. 3


  • Lowering ship to the sea
  • Ship sea trials
  • Delivery of ship to the customer

Intended use of the designed ship

For fish farm service

Using cranes and a winch, the ship pulls out nets from the water and transports them to shore where the nets are cleaned and maintained. Also, the deck of the ship can be used for various equipment transportation: anchors for nets, ropes, lines, standard containers.

For clean-up of oil spills

Environment protection and localisation of pollutants. The easily manoeuvrable ship localises and recovers oil spill with a special net, and transports it to a safe place.

Other areas of operation

With some design changes the ship can be modified to cover these fields of activities: crew transportation, construction of quays, tow-boat functions, fishing, sea research, underwater works, leisure.

Distinguishing characteristics of the vessel

Twin hull

Twin hull ensures stability,
manoeuvrability and speed.

Spacious living quarters

6 to 8 people can conveniently live
on the ship at the same time.

Large hatches

Both ship hulls have watertight service hatches, main engines can be lifted out from vessel without any trouble.

Side thrusters

Two side thrusters, located in the bow and stern. Thrusters allow working near objects safely.


If required, we perform ship modifications and adjust it for various of purposes: from cleaning oil spills to fish farming, crew transportation, sea research, underwater works or even leisure.

Contact us and our team will advise you and provide you with a customised offer.

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