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The major part of activities of PASSER SIDC is the production and installation of oversized structures and parts. Painting and drying of manufactured parts is one of the elements of this process. In view of the continuous increase in the production volumes, a year ago, an investment was made in painting equipment to maintain our quality standards. The paint booths purchased are among the largest in Europe.

The paint booths are commonly used for painting cable reels – a standard product of PASSER SIDC, as well as for painting of various non-standard metal structures. The paint booth measures 11,85 m in width and 12,14 m in length, while its height depends on the shape of the product: it can range from 7,8 m to 11 m.


Although various parts are painted differently and according to a certain methodology, which depends on the size and type of the part, the overall painting process remains similar in all cases.

Preparation for painting. This process is the longest one. The roughness, dustiness, salinity and other contaminations of the surface to be painted have to be evaluated during it. Where any defects or discrepancies are found, the surface is cleaned or roughened. Environmental parameters such as air and steel temperature, humidity, and dew point are evaluated as well. The paint is then mixed according to the specification. During the last stage of the inspection, the painting manager makes sure that the preparation for the painting process has been carried out in accordance with all standards and recommendations.

Painting. The painting process takes place according to the intended painting system. Wet film thickness is controlled during the painting process. After painting, an inspection takes place and, if any discrepancies are found, repairs are made.

Drying. Once the painting is completed, the structure is left to dry for a certain period of time, which depends on the size of the structure, the type of paint, the painting system, and the environment-related conditions.

Additional protection. Where any areas remain unpainted after the painting process is completed, such areas, as well as the areas where water may accumulate, are protected against corrosion. When the paint system is completely dry, the painted part is prepared for transportation.

Operating paint booths that are among the largest in Europe makes it possible to have a larger number of non-standard metal structures painted in a much shorter time. The work is carried out accurately, which enables us to offer even a better quality. PASSER SIDC is continuously updating its equipment, as well as improving and optimising its production processes.

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