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The SIDC Group, which started operations ten years ago, now consists of 4 companies: SIDC LT, UAB, Skandinavijos projektai, UAB, Passer Sidc Group, UAB and Asa Rent, UAB. The name of our company, SIDC, means Support of Industrial Development and Construction, which is a comment on our main ambitions and mission.

The growth of SIDC shows that we are determined to be the market leader: in 2010, we started our operations with a team of 4 people, while today the team of the group of companies consists of 166 people. During that time, the activities of the company have also changed. The main activity of the newly established company was recruitment, and, already in 2013, we established a production department and immediately reached an annual turnover of one million.

In the same year, we obtained ISO certificates to prove the compliance with the management and control standards extremely important to the company, and, in 2014, we started the production of metal structures and the construction of ship blocks and achieved a fourfold increase in our annual turnover.

One year later, Skandinavijos projektai, UAB joined us: the event that marked the starting point of the creation of the group of companies.

The year 2018 was a very special year for SIDC: after reaching the turnover of 32 million and successfully implementing the RUNA catamaran project, we decided that we were ready to move forward and so we started building ships from A to Z.

Having attracted investors’ attention, this year we have merged with the company of our colleagues from Norway and have become a part of the PASSER Group. Following this event, the name of our company has changed to PASSER SIDC.


* The year 2014 became a major springboard: we produced the first sections of a cruise ship. The work was performed in the premises of the client’s yard.

* In the same year, we started designing and building blocks for cruise ships.

* In January of 2018, six installations for a new biomass power plant and biofuel storage and conveyor systems under construction in Copenhagen were completed. The above power plant is the largest in Europe. 60 employees of the company contributed to the construction work of the power plant. Four filters, each of which consists of three parts, were produced for this project. The weight of one filter exceeds 93 tons, and the filter measures as many as 25 meters in length.

* In 2018, we finished the building work of a ship in Holland. The project we implemented was represented in one of the most prominent shipping industry magazines.* RUNA, a vessel for the first time created by the SIDC team, was completed in eight months at the end of 2018. This catamaran is almost 24 meters long, 9 meters wide, has a draught of 1.8 meters and 3-meter high boards, and weighs about 159 tons. The vessel is equipped with two powerful lifting cranes and a winch to pull nets weighing 60 tons.Two identical diesel engines are installed, and the electricity is supplied to the catamaran by two diesel generators. The vessel is equipped with the most modern navigation equipment.* In 2019, we completed a modernization project for 7 barges. 300 people worked in the company’s workshop in Klaipėda at one time. We managed to complete the project incredibly fast: it took us only 4 months. The length of one barge is 89 meters, 212 tons of metal were used.


Every year our goals grow higher – we adhere to this principle not only when implementing projects but also when participating in matches with our sports team. We are a socially responsible company: we provided support to health care specialists during the quarantine, as well as we carry out social campaigns annually when the major holidays of the year are approaching and deliver gifts for children who need help.

After merging with the Norwegian company and becoming a part of the Passer Group, we continue to successfully expand our operations and plan further growth. We are preparing for the implementation of a new project together with our partners in Klaipėda: production facilities for the performance of the company’s activities that will create 90 new jobs. We will continue to move forward, pursue our goals and try to achieve the best results possible.

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