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The past year was productive for SIDC: we have achieved a consistent growth in the turnover across the Group through the successful implementation of the largest projects in our history.

SIDC LT, UAB and SIDC GROUP, UAB have been recognised to be among the strongest companies in Lithuania. Such ratings have been determined by a high level of creditworthiness and contribution to the Lithuanian economy level improvement. At the same time, SKANDINAVIJOS PROJEKTAI, UAB was announced to be a TOP company according to the criteria of the rekvizitai.lt online portal. These ratings confirm that we are moving in the right direction.

Manufacturing: Investment and major projects

2019 is the year of investment in production. More than $ 1 million was spent on new equipment and workshop upgrades.

Modernization of 7 barges was carried out, in which 2000 tons of metal were used. The modernization project employed more than 300 professionals and the whole process took 4 months. This project has proven that we are ready for challenging jobs. 

Our most recent project, the cruise ship RIVER CRUISER, is also worth mentioning: 65 employees worked for 8 months.

We also intensified the development of non-standard production: the reels of various sizes were among our produce throughout the year, the 9 largest of them were 60 t of weight each. The total amount of metal used in SIDC’s production facilities was as high as 4000 tons!

The demand for engineering projects also increased. Due to this reason new jobs were created: the number of engineers in our company doubled.

New Certificates

Last year, we were continuously ensuring opportunities for employee development. Our engineers obtained AUTODESK INVENTOR PROFESSIONAL certifications, proving their professional skills in the use of essential design programs.

The worldwide-recognised FROSIO certification currently sought by our painting inspectors is an investment in the professional growth of our employees. A trained specialist has all the necessary knowledge to inspect the painting process.

In addition to staff development, we continue to ensure compliance with the highest standards within the company. This year, we were awarded the RINA certificate. We upgraded all of our ISO certifications, as well as we obtained ISO 14001 proving that our responsibility is not limited to ourselves: we reduce energy consumption and spare natural resources!

First not Only in Doing Business

In 2019, we continued active participation in social campaigns. Before Christmas, our female teammates visited the Klaipeda Impaired Development Infant Home to deliver useful gifts. We also participated in the Children’s Dreams campaign and contributed to the fulfilment of children’s biggest wishes.

Our company has a team of sports enthusiasts named „Atsipūtę“: in spring, we participated in the Spartan Race international running and endurance competition, from which we brought a silver medal. We won the relay of the Run for Hope, and we took sixth place in the rowing competition. In autumn, we successfully tested the tracks of the Amber Sea Mile, and we aim to be active and strive for new victories not just in our work this year as well.

  2020: The Year of Innovations

Although the past year was truly successful, we start the current year with fresh and even greater ambitions by focusing on innovative shipbuilding and product development solutions. We will continue to increase our production capacity in Klaipėda, create new jobs and spare no effort to make this year even more successful than the last year!

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