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At the Company’s manufacturing base in Klaipėda Seaport of, we managed to fully upgrade seven non-self propelled towable barges in a record time – four months. The client intended to use them to transport offshore structures – oilrig units. However, these structures are very heavy and the barges had to be upgraded: reinforced and tailored to carrying extremely heavy cargo.

By listening closely to what the client wished for and relying on our extensive experience, we have managed to deliver famously. Upgrading one 89-metre barge is a huge amount of metal that, in the hands of our skilled craftsmen, became new moulded units of body superstructures. In the winter of 2019, two thousand tons of metal was delivered to Klaipėda Seaport for this project to be turned into eighty-four body units, amounting to roughly 212 tons per barge. And that was not all. The barges were being converted meticulously and all-inclusively, from structural modifications to their bodies to a decorative coat of paint.

Launched by the Company’s engineers at the very beginning of 2019 this project of an impressive scale was scheduled for completion by the start of the summer. The last upgraded barge left the seaport water area through the sea gates on 25 May, right on schedule. It hardly needs mentioning that one of the greatest joys in life is to see a vessel you have been labouring on for months depart for the open sea!

We rightly considered this project a team-building exercise, one that requires an enormous amount of patience, attention, and coordination of actions. It is no laughing matter: after all, there were an impressive 300 of our people working on it! This amounts to nearly one-half of our staff base.

The fast, precise, and impeccable upgrade of seven barges is yet another testimony to our ability to handle even the most complex of manufacturing projects at Klaipėda Seaport.

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