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Cables are usually stored on reels. However, the oil industry employs complicated cables that combine optical fibre, hydraulic cleaning liquid, electrical energy transmission strands, signalling strands, and similar elements under a single casing. One metre of such a cable could cost up to a hundred thousand euros. The cables are installed on the bottom of the sea or semi-submerged and normally connect oilrigs and ships. Of course, transporting and installing such cables requires specific storage facilities – special baskets. Cables earmarked for the oil industry are transported and kept in such baskets coiled, ready to be removed and installed for use.

During operation, the cables and the holding baskets are exposed to the harshest environments: water, humidity, extremely high and low temperatures, rapid shift therein, high hydrostatic pressure and its rapid changes, the effect of oil products splattered, traction and breaking loads. This is what makes the issue of additional protection and reliability with regard to products used in the oil industry a key priority.

It took us a mere six weeks to make two such baskets for oil industry cables for a client from Sweden in 2018. Each of them alone weighs more than 20 tons! We took care to make sure that they can withstand the difficult conditions of their working environment faultlessly: the exceptionally strong frames were welded by our top craftsmen from top-quality metal and coated with several layers of latest-technology corrosion-resistant paint.

The client was happy, and so were we, for we proved to ourselves and to the others, once again, that we could guarantee the highest parameters of quality and a one-hundred per cent project success rate. Our baskets are secure, reliable, and can be used as a storage facility for a broad variety of cables and other flexible products. And the choice of sizes is more than delightful: we can make baskets with a diameter of up to 20 metres!

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