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In its business, the SIDC team mixes and matches several similar lines of business: in addition to the full scope of engineering services, it also engages in project management, designing complex structures and manufacturing facilities, as well as resistance calculations. Our world-class engineers have many years of priceless experience in designing all types of structures and building prefab concrete structures.

At our manufacturing base in Klaipėda we also use the latest technology to design and manufacture lifting equipment: beams of the dimensions as per client’s specifications (or combinations thereof) and lifting capacity for lifting reels of high-power industrial cables. They are kitted with connectors and other lifting elements, such as hooks, chains, cables, and synthetic straps.

We also have a specialist test stand where this lifting equipment is subjected to rigorous tests in line with the client’s requirements and standards. The test became hugely popular thanks to the Regulations on the Use of Lifting Cranes as adopted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania in 2010, imposing a much tighter set of requirements on the operation of lifting equipment and causing many companies losing a lot of time and money trying to implement the changes, while we had prudently taken steps so that our beams are dispatched to the client completely aligned with the latest safety and reliability requirements.

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