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On 19 January, NB 778 was successfully launched at the Bodewes Foxhol yard.
This 7750 dwat cement carrier is being built for Taiwanese shipowner and operator U-MING Marine Transport Corporation. It is the first vessel ever built by Royal Bodewes (RB), in cooperation with partner Passer SIDC, for the Asian market; a unique opportunity for intercontinental cooperation.

The Taipei-based dry bulk shipowner ordered the cement carrier, the design being a RB cement trader, based on a previously delivered ship for a European owner. The vessel has a length of 115 meters and a breadth of 15,8 meters. She will be sailing under Singapore flag and will be used to transport cement along the coast and the islands of Taiwan, from east to west.

Building process
The cooperation with U-MING has had a long run-up, mainly because of the pandemic. But by maintaining intensive digital contact, Royal Bodewes and U-MING managed to conclude a contract by the end of 2021 (without ever having seen each other in real life). Construction of the vessel started in March 2023 and the expected delivery date is April 2024. 

Unique (un)loading system
The vessel has a special, customer specific loading and unloading system, tailored to every conceivable terminal and harbour. What makes NB 778 also unique is the principle of operation: loading and unloading cement is carried out by using air. The complete process is fully automated.

Construction conditions
To be able to build vessels such as NB 778, the production facilities at Bodewes Foxhol have been extended and further modernized. Thanks to good time management, despite the work on the hall, it was possible to launch the vessel well in time. In fact, it was done two weeks earlier than planned.

Historic moment for Passer SIDC and RB

The launch of the vessel was a historic moment for both Passer SIDC and Royal Bodewes. By joining forces to realize the construction of NB 778, they enhanced the ability to adapt to ever-changing market demands, and their combined expertise and resources opened up new opportunities. In this undertaking, Passer SIDC’s knowledge and craftsmanship played an important role in handling the construction of the ship’s hull, the superstructure, installation of pipe systems and other equipment and components.


About Passer SIDC
Passer SIDC operates since 2010 and focusses on project management, shipbuilding and modernization. The company also specializes in manufacturing offshore foundations, steel structures and cable handling equipment.

About Royal Bodewes
RB has been building innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient vessels since 1812. From dry cargo vessels to self-discharging cement carriers and specials, the list of vessels built is extensive. RB is currently building at three yards simultaneously in the north of the Netherlands. Orders consist of advanced vessels, such as highly efficient hybrid powered ships and self-discharging cement carriers.

About U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation
U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation was established in 1984 to provide marine transportation of cement, dry commodities and industrial raw materials, specializing in the trading of vessels and providing agency services.




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