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Brave professionals and powerful teams implement projects and unlock opportunities for company growth. PASSER SIDC is no exception. The company continues expanding and currently employs 550 professionals involved in various projects in different spots of the world. Their experiences, competencies, commitment, never-ending motivation and passion contribute to this. Below is the growth story of one of our employees Leonid Vuv.

How long have you been with PASSER SIDC?

I was 29 when I joined PASSER SIDC. This year marks 6 years with the company.  

What is your experience? Where did you work before joining the company?

I worked in various fields before starting at PASSER SIDC. My last position was head of the security service at a cargo customs terminal with 50 professionals.

Talking about your duties at PASSER SIDC, what were you responsible for at the start?

At PASSER SIDC, I started as a MIG/MAG welder.

Did your professional journey transform since then? How did the story evolve, and what is your position now?

I grew out of the welder’s position; currently, I am working as the Production Foreman at the factory De Hoop. I can confirm that the duties of a welder differ significantly from a Production Foreman!

Did you attend any training or courses during that time?

Yes, I am very grateful for the opportunity to join the distant learning program at the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding based in Nikolaev, Ukraine. I graduated from the university and received a Master’s degree in shipbuilding, specifically Ships and Ocean Engineering. These studies taught us the professional planning and team management skills necessary for the most efficient and timely construction of sections and the whole vessel.

How does your typical day at work look like?

My typical day at the plant starts with an inspection of work done by the night shift. Assessment of the situation is followed by the work plan for the factory for that day. That includes the assignment of tasks to the team. Duties may also cover material, section and block transportation (depending on production requirements), section tilting and installation on the slipway. The end of the day is usually occupied with paperwork, action plan preparation for the coming day and the night shift briefing on the scope and location of work performed during the day.

Do you enjoy working at PASSER SIDC? What inspires you?

I like being involved in the building process and watching the birth of a brand-new vessel – it will benefit its owner(s) greatly.

Do you experience any difficulties at work?

It is not a secret that there are smaller or bigger difficulties in any field of activity. I believe they only make us stronger and provide opportunities to grow professionally.

Please tell us about the most memorable current/ past project or task while working here.

Well, I am often involved in impressive projects with my colleagues. For example, we are currently working on a cement carrier that is 115 meters long, almost 16 meters wide and has a total carrying capacity of 7,750 tons. That is a slightly higher-class ship compared to the ones we built before, and it is more interesting to work on in terms of its structure.

Do you have to travel for work? If so, which country(-ies) you visit most often?

With the company working in various parts of the world, I also had to travel to different countries. I worked in Lithuania, Finland and Denmark. Currently, my base is the De Hoop plant in the Netherlands.

Did any country stand out? How do work practices differ in these locations?

Work processes differ from country to country depending on customer requirements and the factory capacity where the ship is being built!

How would you describe the atmosphere in the team?

We have a good relationship at work. We do our best to respond to emerging issues and difficulties the team has and resolve them without delays. We strive to prevent any conflict situations. The relationship is based on respect; with most colleagues, we continue on our journey since I was a welder and when we were working shoulder to shoulder to build vessel sections.

Are there any special events, stories or adventures you cannot forget?

The first that comes to mind is the turnkey construction of a catamaran-type tug Runa.

What would wish for yourself, colleagues and people aspiring to grow in their careers?

As in life, the same principle applies in shipbuilding: “the road will be mastered by walking”. I wish everyone to never give up, neither in life nor in any profession. Always analyse the situation, grow professionally and overcome any difficulties or problems with honour and dignity. For beginners, I believe that perseverance, determination, hard work and a desire to learn, to study new things will make it possible to grow professionally!

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