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There is a demand for new shipbuilding

Demand for maritime transport continues to increase due to the growing seaborne trade and global processes. The shipbuilding market is predicted to grow further.

PASSER SIDC contributes to this market growth by partnering with one of the leading shipbuilding yards in Europe Royal Bodewes, specializing in building cargo vessels. A new cement carrier Florvik is getting ready for presentation.

Bodewes Purchasing & Logistics BV chose PASSER SIDC following careful considerations of market traits and several other factors, such as long-term cooperation, numerous successfully completed projects, and punctual high-quality work.

Challenges along the way

Before the commencement of work, huge investments were required to obtain new working capacities and specialized equipment.

Additionally, there were several pain points, such as improvement and automatization of internal processes and a lack of qualified workforce to accomplish the project. Work took place in the Netherlands.

An expansive set of additional aspects was also required for the successful implementation of this unique project, including:

  • project specifications and standards;
  • shipbuilding rules and regulations;
  • technical documentation knowledge;
  • specific company certificates;
  • non-destructive test procedures, etc.


The result

The new cement carrier NB713 was built. Its formal name is Florvik; official naming celebrations are to follow. 

The ship was lowered into the water, and interior work continues further.

One of its features is air pumping through a cement cargo in such a way as it would be liquid. That makes it easier to load the cement, and when discharging, it can be moved readily to a central trunk at the bottom of holds. Other facts about Florvik:

  • Length: 90 meters.
  • Work duration: 11 months.
  • Team: around 40 people were involved in the process.
  • Ship leaving date: February of 2023.

We take this opportunity to thank the whole team involved in this extraordinary project. We also thank Bodewes Purchasing & Logistics BV for trusting us in this project. 

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