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The PASSER SIDC team is implementing a large-scale project in Uruguay: work progress and unexpected challenges

This spring, PASSER SIDC embarked on a new international project: installation of the tanks for a modern pulp mill in Uruguay. It is a facility of the national importance forecasted to create nearly 2,000 new vacancies. Our strongest team consisting of 40 specialists is already working in South America, and PASSER SIDC plans to implement its first international project of this scale in two years.

Romualdas, Project Manager at PASSER SIDC, who is currently in Uruguay, agreed to share the progress of the project, his impressions, and unexpected challenges.

The Lithuanian team has already performed 12% of the planned work

The tanks to be installed in the large pulp mill will hold wood pulp, pulp, water, brown raw materials such as dirty wash water or weak black liquor. PASSER SIDC is responsible for the construction and installation of as many as seven main tanks of up to 70-meter height that ensure the main technological processes. The total mass of the empty tanks will reach ~4,000 tons, and the volume of the tanks is 84,600 m3.

The construction is taking place outdoors, and the built and equipped tanks are designed for outdoor operation as well. The project work carried out by PASSER SIDC consists of two parts: one part is being built on a foundation. The other part, which will later be mounted on the main part using cranes and a hydraulic system, is manufactured separately.

Although construction work has only recently begun and other partners are just starting the work, the PASSER SIDC team has made a significant progress and has already completed 12% of the work. Currently, our specialists, as planned, are engaged in the construction of tanks, as well as are installing the Jacking systems for the upcoming lifting of tanks.

Challenges in Uruguay

The trip of PASSER SIDC to South America began with a crucial step in the face of a pandemic: people contributing to the project implementation in Uruguay were given a unique opportunity to be vaccinate against COVID-19 with the Pfizer vaccine free of charge.

The team members have already faced some challenges such as raised water levels in a river (difficulties in logistics) or possibility of SUNCA strikes. However, the Project Manager emphasizes that the difficulties encountered in this challenging work is a part of everyday life, and that by overcoming them the specialists get stronger, gain new experience and progress successfully and optimistically towards the goal.

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