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PASSER SIDC is currently involved in the process of modification of an industrial service vessel. It will be designed for the most convenient and efficient use. It is a project-based version that soon will be available to our clients.

Predecessor of this project-based catamaran

The predecessor of this catamaran is a service vessel designed by our team. An outstanding feature of the catamarans of this type is that they can be modified to perform different functions: sea fishery, clean-up of oil spills, recreational activities, quay construction. They meet international standards and are invaluable in the area of sea works due to the following reasons: they come with 1. a double hull, 2. spacious living quarters, 3. huge hatches for the maintenance, 4. side thrusters.

New catamaran

The vessel currently under the modification will slightly differ from its predecessor: it will be specifically designed for the servicing of wind farms. The catamaran will help to ensure safe delivery of service personnel, spare parts and components required for the maintenance, modernisation or installation of wind turbines.

During the catamaran development process, the hull was redesigned while maintaining the dimensions of the old hull. The bow of the vessel was the part that changed the most. New hull comes with a lower wave resistance and is more streamlined. The lower the hull resistance, the less fuel the vessel consumes. From this perspective, it is much greener than its predecessor.

The vessel was designed with the intention of using hydrogen fuel cells, also known as hybrid system. The principle of operation is that hydrogen fuel cells charge batteries and produce energy for electric motors. Furthermore, design includes additional electricity generators, which will be used only upon high energy demand or in exceptional cases. The whole process will be controlled by a smart computer. In addition, this design includes hydrogen containers, which will be located on the main deck, and a powerful ventilation system from the hydrogen fuel cell compartments.

While the vessel being designed will have more than one outstanding advantage, some of them are really worth mentioning:

  1. Spacious living quarters for passengers with all amenities, access to the passenger cabin directly from the front deck.
  2. Possibility of transporting two 20-foot and one 10-foot standard containers on the cargo deck at the same time.
  3. The vessel has been designed with one crane for loading cargo and equipment.
  4. Modified wheelhouse for more convenient use.

This new project, developed by PASSER SIDC engineers, will soon be launched on the market. We invite our customers to send their requests for the necessary modifications: our team is ready to meet your individual needs!

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