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HOFOR Energoproduktion A / S builds a biomass-based power plant in Copenhagen, which is scheduled to start operating in 2019. This project is directly related to the Copenhagen climate plan: until 2025 the city seeks to become the first non-emitting city of CO2, and the value of the plan exceeds 150 million euros. The new power plant will replace the old one – 600 MW coal-fired power plant. CO2 emissions will decrease by 1.2 Mt per year.

Our company had the opportunity to contribute to this project: we built six installations for the new biomass plant and biofuel storage, also for conveyor systems. The Aivaras Kamas, CEO of SIDC Lt says, our company and HOFOR projects together before, and the partner knew, that this time we will also do our job right on time and with the best quality.

“Four filters were made for this project and they consist of three parts. The weight of one filter exceeds 93 tons, and its length is 25 meters. These filters are unique not only for their huge dimensions, but also for the purpose: they clean polluted air or gas from hard particles. The filters do not allow factories to pollute air and regulate the release of hard particles into the environment. For this project, we also produced two silo containers with a total weight of 70 tons and a total height of 24 meters. Bulk materials will be stored in these containers. We also installed devices that show how the weight changes inside the container – workers will see how much material is in it,” explains Simas Rindeikis, production director of SIDC Lt.

SIDC Lt team is very proud to be a part of such a huge and important project. “Our team created the largest filter in Europe and had the opportunity to grow as an international company. Such projects show that we can successfully compete with the largest manufacturers in the world. This project has given us even more self-confidence, so we plan to continue our work and expand in foreign countries,” says Arnoldas Laurisonis, marketing consultant of SIDC Lt.

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